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American Roots Songs from the heart about society's ills
1. Lies
2. Guns and Bombs
3. Join In
4. No Cigarette
5. Hole in My Pocket
6. Nicotine
7. Sad Story
8. Particular Kind of Blue
There Was a Time
10. Parking Meter Blues (Recorded live at the Condor)

Rude Dog Tommy D , Patrick Newhart, Andrew Haslett, and Freddie Flipside playing live in San Francisco. THREE lead singers in One band.

3. The Brat

2. All my Money

3. Lies

Sharkbait Tommy D NOW with Freddie Roullette

1. Friday Night
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Wedding Song
4. Listen To You
5. Screw Loose

Positively Live Tommy D NOW Live band plays over 2 hours of original rock n blues songs.

1. 7 O'Clock

2. How Much to Touch

3. The Brat

4. Rude Dog

Soundtracks CD includes 15 original soundtracks. Includes the Mystery, Halloween, and Speed Collection. Listen to three of the tracks below.

1. Boyd

2. Cream

3. Rubber

Merry Christmas.mp3

Tommy D and Sunrise Harmony go funk. Here's a tast of Xmas = Check out the The New Compilation Songsalive 6 CD features a new re-lease of "Listen to You". Tommy is in good company. It's full of some really great new songs by music.

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