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AMERICAN ROOTS - Songs from the Heart (download samples)

Lies was written during the Iran Contra years, and deals with the real monetary reason for war. It's as apropos today and it was then.

Guns and Bombs is about as religious Tommy gets. His conscience is his angel and the muse that tells him about the evils of weapons of war.

Join In is an invitation to do something about the wrongs rather than just complain about them. At least join in the song. It helps move the spirit.

No Cigarette is another angel song. This one comes to Tommy in the body of a stranger who knows his name, but, this one doesn't tell, it asks.

Hole in my Pocket is about the hole that drains our pockets and leave us feeling poor, regardless of how hard we work.

Nicotine is about addiction to cigarettes and how the media sells it's poison to young impressionable kids.

Sad Story laments the devastation of planet Earth by mankind.

Particular Kind of Blue deals with addiction to the other legal drug, alcohol. The one that can easily become a lifestyle making all other problems disappear into the blue. This song lends itself to many interpretations. It can be cool jazzy blues with a mournful sax, or, a defiant harmonica can turn it into a protest song. This version wins the drama award for boozy vocals laid back on a slow, dreamy bed of simple guitar rifts, and some equally strange harmonies that enhance the dreamlike state.

There Was a Time - A simple love song, a longing for a past relationship.


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