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THE SHARKBAIT STORY: Tommy D met the legendary lap steel blues great, Freddie Roulette, on a cold rainy night in Marin and was blown away by his sound. He told Freddie, "I want to get you on a hit record." The Sharkbait CD is the result of that union. Freddie calls it "hybrid rock". It's got a nice touch of the blues slide guitar wtih some piano and a hint of Tommy's harmonica stirrred in.

THE SHARKBAIT BAND: All songs are written, arranged, and produced by singer/songwriter Thomas Scott Deschaine. Tommy "D" Deschaine sings, plays the harmonica, rhythm guitar, and percussion. Jimmy Appel plays second guitar. Legendary blues great Freddie Roulette plays his famous 8-string lap steel guitar. The late 'Chili' Joe Spooner on bass and Jeff Cregg on drums, (the Groove Society rythym secion) laid down a tight track.. Pavel Kuczera plays the piano.

1 Friday Night
Singer/songwriter Tommy D says "If the booty ain't shakin it ain't put on your dancing shoes!" It's the jukebox hit of the 90's filled with as many 50's cliches as possible. Everybody thinks they have heard it before and want to hear it again and again and again. Freddie Roulette enjoys himself to the max. His woodpecker chatters happily as he lets loose his famous swoops and swirls on his 8-string lap steel guitar. Pavel outdoes himself on the piano.

2 Leave Me Alone
Just what the name implies. A very rude attitude that may be applied anyone annoying enough to deserve it. A real rocker. An Aussie favorite.

3 Wedding Song
One of the most romantic ballads and one of the most requested of Tommy's songs. He wrote it for a wedding he was asked to perform at because he didn't feel like he had anything appropriate in his repertoire. He plays it at all the wedding ceremonies he performs at. Pavel's piano solo is particularly moving.

4 Listen to You
"You were so perfect, I was just a fool". An apology to a lost love. Tommy accompanies himself in harmony. Freddie goes sideways on the slide, taking the audience with him. One of our favorites. And the video, by Eyefulltower Films is really a gas. Download a quicktime version of it on the videos page.

5 Screw Loose
Tommy was playing and singing a romantic song to his fiance one night when he went into "screw loose". They both burst out laughing it was so funny and ran to start the tape recorder. Audiences are still laughing. No, it is not about Tommy. Jimmy plays a sweet accoustic guitar as Tommy flashes back to his motown memories with his baritone..

The songs were recorded and mixed by Pete Slausen. John Greenham mastered the CD.

All words and music written and arranged by Thomas Scott Deschaine
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