San Francisco Open Studios 2007
Third Weekend - October 20 - 21 (11 AM - 6 PM)
Project Artaud - 499 Alabama St. Studio 316

This year Tommy will be exhibiting his Waterworld photographs at Open Studio Week 3, October 20 and 21, 2007 in Studio 316 at Project Artaud, 499 Alabama St. These photographs will be priinted on matt canvas for a painterly look. All the phtoographs in this series of reflection shots were taken on a clear, calm, autumn day on San Francisco bay.

Short Bio: Tommy shared his passion for cameras and photography with his father, and after hours studying National Geographic as a child, Tommy took up a camera to begin his own explorations into the world of pictures. Last year Tom moved his experiments into the digital world with the purchase of a new Sony camera. His first photo of Rude Dog, hooked him, and this will be his first show with the new format.

Tommy shoots for the fun of it, from the smiles on the faces of people he meets, to surreal textures of light and shadows, he captures the moment as he moves through it.

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